Rafael Nakanishi
PhD Candidate Illustrator VFX enthusiast Programmer



About me

I have major in ComputerSciences, and currently a PhD candidate in Computer Sciences and Applied Mathematics at ICMC-USP (Brazil) under supervision of prof. Afonso Paiva.

PhD candidate

University of São Paulo, São Carlos, under supervision of prof. Dr. Afonso Paiva Neto. (Expected November 2020)

PhD internship

National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, under supervision of prof Ryoichi Ando. Supported by CNPq fellowship program. (Aug.2019 to Jan.2020)


Bachelor in Computer Science (2013) and Master in Computer Sciences and Computational Mathematics (2016)


Visual effects (VFX), Computer animation, Computer Graphics

Latest publications

My research topic of interests are mainly Physic Based Simulations, Computer Animation and Computer Graphics related topics.

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