• RBF Liquids: An Adaptive PIC Solver Using RBF-FD

    We introduce a liquid simulation approach that combines an adaptive pressure projection solver with PIC. The solver relies on RBF-FD to approximate the pressure field and its gradients in quadtrees/octrees.

    Rafael Nakanishi   Filipe Nascimento   Rafael Campos   Paulo Pagliosa   Afonso Paiva  

    ACM Siggraph Asia 2020

    Partial similarity of 3D shapes using cross recurrence plot

    This paper presents a novel 3D partial shape retrieval algorithm based on time-series analysis. Given a piece of a 3D shape, the proposed method encodes the shape descriptor given by the Heat Kernel Signature (HKS) as a time-series, where the time is considered an ordered sequence of vertices provided by the Fiedler vector.

    R.U. Nakanishi   J.P. Ono   P. Pagliosa   L.G. Nonato   A. Paiva  

    Proceedings of SIBGRAPI 2016

    3D shape retrieval using temporal series features

    In this Master's Thesis we studied new techniques for processing such data objects using an unusual approach to the geometric processing area: techniques for analyzing time series, such as scattering wavelets and recurrence plots.

    Rafael Nakanishi  

    Master Thesis

    SHREC’15 Track: Non-rigid 3D Shape Retrieval

    Abstract Non-rigid 3D shape retrieval has become a research hotpot in communities of computer graphi…